“The course taught me not only technical analysis, but also lifelong lessons on how all markets work. It paid for itself even before I completed it.”

– Tim B., United States

It would not surprise me if at the end it will turn out that attending TRI’s School was the best investment I made during my life. My eyes are now open and I can see.

– Johnathan B.

           “Before I signed up for the School I had been treading water, running my emotions ragged, and basically losing hope of ever making a living off of the market. During the school, I was given not only a ton of useful information, but practical hands-on time to apply it to real trading situations via the once a week tutorials with Brian. Never short for an anecdote containing a powerful lesson, Brian is very easy to listen to and learn from. And for knowing so much, his patience is rather remarkable for virtual newbies like myself. Im pretty sure I was under-charged for the School with the amount of one-on-one time I got with Brian and all the trading “pearls” he throws at you. Where else could I have received such a quality level of teaching by a seasoned professional? The school has completely changed my perspective of the market. My current inner trader would cringe at what my past self would have done. Trading has suddenly become a productive use of my time and no longer a drain on my emotions. I cannot wait to start Unit 2. Enroll in the school, you wont regret it if you are serious about trading.

– Stephen T., Canada

Despite what they say Brian did manage to teach this old dog some new tricks, and some very profitable ones at that. Before beginning his course I was the man his website was speaking to when it asked if I “ever wondered what all those squiggely lines chartists use actually mean?”

I was completely new to trading and had never even heard of a candlestick. Today I have a trading toolkit full of technical tools and actually get excited rather than nervous when price moves in the direction opposite to what could be expected because now I see opportunity in it. He is a great teacher and mentor who oversaw my progress every step of the way, always available for a one-on-one tutorial or a quick question in the website chatroom. That is perhaps the greatest value for students – Brian takes a personal interest in everyone’s development, it matters to him that we improve. And for what he offers the price of the courses represents exceptional value. Sign up!!”

– Adrian H., Germany

‘To say the SBT was a brilliant experience is an understatement. Brian went above and beyond to empower us all with the knowledge & discipline we all desperately needed. I now have good overview of the markets; I can decipher charts & apply sound judgment before entering a trade. I went in naive member of the herd, and I came out an empowered battle ready professional. Thank you Brian for being a great mentor & friend.’

– Mo D., United Kingdom

“I’ve been a altcoin trader for over 2 years and joining Brian’s site is one of the single best investments I have made in all that time. The chat room is full of fellow like minded traders and the positive attitude is the best part about the community.

As traders we all know how lonely this job can be and having like minded people to talk to can make the difference between a bad day and felling down or a good day and feeling positive, All you fellow Alt traders will recognise that its hard to keep a track of every coin on the market and the group helps massively by having lots of eyes open to scour the market, meaning that I will get alerts on coins that I may have missed normally!

I also love that Brian is on hand all the time to give advice about any trades I’m interested in and the currency/stock market picks make the site such value for money….If you want to learn about trading look no further than the Rational Investor…this guy really knows his stuff!”

– Grow D., United Kingdom

“I consider the TRI team to be very professional, reliable and overall very consistent in meeting the objectives they set out to provide though the membership features. Having been a member for one year and taken all three courses I can honestly say that the education and general advice provided via this service is the greatest investment I have ever made. Brian has an infectious and charismatic personality and a genuine desire for you to achieve your personal goals.  “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day – teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Highly recommended and great value service. Rational analysis for the win!”

– James C., Australia

“So far I have to say that I am very positive of my progress, I have learned what I have come to learn.   Although I have not found my day trading grove yet my fundamental knowledge has kept me out of deep trouble and my long term trading plan is working well beyond my expectations.  I credit my that success totally to your teachings. I believe you generous and caring individual willing to take his time with each and every student, you have a patience of a high school teach with the understanding that everyone learns at a different pace.

I look forward to taking the second level and finding the combination of tools that will work for me when doing daily trades.”

– Davinci J., Chile

“Thanks for the analysis ! You see things other TA’s don’t … let alone the traditional public. For them its almost an out of body experience when the market follows the analysis. It’s like seeing ghost or something lol.”

– Ryan

“Before this course I was basically gambling. With Brian you’re not only going to learn how to read and chart Technical Analysis, also you’ll… understand how the markets work, common mistakes and a lot of tested setups.

Another incredible tool is the 1-on-1 tutorials he offers, because you can always ask any questions about areas you may be in doubt and he will with patience try to help you. This is priceless. Right now I’m comfortable making my own decisions without fear, playing with custom indicators, setups and all thanks to the tools I got from the course and other students. Basically this is my best investment I have made since I started trading.”

– Oscar C., Venezuela

Hey! I really appreciate the time and knowledge that you gave me. It was a great learning experience and well worth the time!”

– Derek W.

‘Brian is no ordinary market mentor; his teachings are relevant and intelligent; inspirational and transformational. He will turn you into a confident trader. I left the program with a much better understanding of the financial markets and a strong foundation for the key components of a successful trading system.

Thanks to Brian, I now have a solid trading plan with risk management in place, and I approach the market in a whole new way. But most of all, Brian cares about each and every one of his students and worked with me every step of the way to transform me into a confident and capable trader. I can honestly say that the Rational Investor’s trading program has helped me tremendously and has been a fantastic experience; I highly recommend the Rational Investor School and Site for new and even advanced traders. It was the best trading decision I’ve ever made.’

– Shane S., Canada

“TRI’s tutorial was an unrivalled learning experience for me. If you are new to technical analysis, find out when the next one is. I was the first in the Google Hangout so Bill let me ask him about the different indicators he uses and he spent more 20 minutes explaining the ins/outs in a very comprehensible manner. Best of all, we got to watch the market make significant moves live with his commentary throughout. A+++”

– Mdotee