Welcome to The Rational Investor’s School For Trader Development

Program Objective

The objective of TRI’s school is to educate you on how to both manage your assets and trade for profit in a professional manner. The program is designed to take someone who knows very little about trading and equip them with the skills/tools needed to craft your personal strategic vision, identify appropriate trading opportunities, and most importantly how to manage risk.

Program Structure

The education program is broken into three levels, Beginner (TRI’s level 1), Intermediate (RITE level 2) and Advanced (RIGM level 3). Each level’s program is three months in duration (12 weeks) wherein each week a new topic is covered. As well as in class assignments, students will be assigned homework from week to week and are given a final exam at the end of the program to test their retention of learned topics.

Program Duration

From start to finish, the program is roughly twelve months in duration, with each Level taking ~3 months of time to complete. Many of our students sometimes even find it helpful to retake a level if they either didn’t feel like they mastered the concepts taught or they didn’t pass the respective final exam.

Program Class Structure

Once registered, you will assigned to a class. Class meets once per week via Google Hangouts in a webinar style format (Lectures are pre-recorded for Level 1 and will be made available week to week automatically). The Instructor will give students the opportunity to ask questions and interact with peers in this communal learning environment. Classes usually run between 2 to 3 hours in duration and are recorded so students have the option to review the class at their leisure in the future.


As well as regular classes, students are expected to book tutorials with the instructor (NOTE: Level 1 has pre-scheduled group tutorial times, you do book any). Tutorials are done through Google hangouts (very similar to classes) but are private and can only be accessed by the student or TRI staff. Tutorials are specifically designed to help you understand and apply the ideas/concepts taught in the preceding week’s class. From homework, to inclass assignments, tutorials are a one-on-one way for you to get the most out of our program. They are an integral part of the school and students are expected to book all that are available to them.


Students are encouraged to lean on our support system. As well as an instructor, students are assigned a Teaching Assistant (TA) to help with homework, booking tutorials and exams. We are here to help, so please take advantage of the resources. Additionally, students are encouraged to interact with other site members within our communal chat platform. Our site members are mostly past students. Questions you may have now, have probably been asked in the past – there are no stupid questions!


Currently each program is $995, upon successful completion of a level (submission of your trading plan and completed exam), you will be invited to join the following programs.

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Level 1. TRI’s – Introduction program

  • 12 weeks in duration
  • The program is specifically designed for those new to investing and/or trading
  • Weeks 1-5 concentrate on Rational Investing, identifying who you are as an investor & working with a trading plan (eating our vegetables)
  • Week 6-11 concentrates on building Setups to be used within our trading plan.  Specifically, the program introduces you to tools that will enable you to analyze price, momentum & volume (“The Candy Store”)
  • Program Objective: Enable the novice investor or trader to build and work with a trading plan and trade setups
PDF Summary of Program

Level 2. RITE – Intermediate Program

  • 12 weeks in duration
  • Designed for those who have a basic understanding of risk management and Rational Investing
  • Are Working within a trading plan and actively hunting/trading setups
  • Day to day implementation of both trading plan and setups
  • Building a consistent routine
  • This program is an extended visit to The Candy Store with 10 unique analysis methods both introduced and demonstrated
  • Program Objective: Add to Technical Analysis tool belt & further develop trader behavioral patterns
PDF Summary of Program

Level 3. RIGM – Advance Program

  • 12 weeks in duration
  • Designed for those who have a sound understanding of professional trading and are comfortable with many Candy Store concepts.
  • Participants should be actively running their respecitve investing/trading plans and hunting/trading setups.
  • This Program Introduces Advanced tools for both self management and trading performance optimization
  • Introduction to Derivatives Trading (Options)
  • Introduction to Advance market behavior analysis tools
  • Program Objective: Introduction to highly advanced analysis methods, behavioral tracking tools and derivatives trading
PDF Summary of Program