Private Tutorial


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Please choose your instructor below.

Brian – The founder of TRI. Brian has over 30 years of experience and has held almost every license in the securities industry. He host the Daily Briefs and has taken TRI's Little Old Lady portfolio from $500 to nearly $500,000 in less than 4 year's time. (Not currently available to book)

Thomas – A TRI Veteran. He has completed all 3 levels of our program. Is a Co-host in our Daily Briefs and has an uncanny ability to accurately trade BTC on lower timeframes.

Garrett “Bodhi” – Brian's second faithful and always helpful Teaching Assistant.  Garrett has completed all 3 Levels of our program and assisted Brian with teaching TRI's course for the past year. He is very involved in the crypto space, enjoys helping others, and takes a sound approach to trading.

Grimm – Grimm has completed all 3 Levels of our program and has a high interest in trading not only LoL style crypto trades, but also consistently sharing and looking at trades in the general stock market. If you're interested in trading Crude oil or companies on the US exchange, Grimm is your guy!

Raf – Raf has been interested in crypto since early 2015. He has completed all 3 levels of TRI's program and is an expert in our Little Old Lady (LOL) trading strategy. He has also created a few of his own setups that he enjoys trading and subsequently profiting from. He is our only European TA at this time, so, if you are in Europe Raf may be for you!

Iain – Retail Trader and a TRI graduate who embraces Crypto Trading is expanding to other markets. Methodical methods of trading based on Fibs and minimal indicators with consistent gains. Scientific and systematic trading approach. Takes a less is more approach, meaning time to plan should always take longer than placing the trades.