So, what is rational investing you ask? A relatively new term in the investing universe, rational investing attempts to combine the strengths of both fundamental and technical analysis to try and find investments where both camps agree on anticipated direction. According to Wikipedia (link) “…many technical analysts reach outside pure technical analysis, combining other market forecast methods with their technical work. One advocate for this approach is John Bollinger, who coined the term rational analysis in the middle 1980s for the “juncture of the overlap between technical and fundamental analysis”….

Brian B.
Chief Executive Officer
Vancouver, Canada

Julian S.
Chief Operating Officer
Pennsylvania, USA

Sjoerd M.
Chief Algorithm Officer
Breda, Netherlands

Brian Beamish, CEO & Co-Founder

Brian comes to TRI with over 25 years of experience in professional market environments. Within the Canadian securities industry he has held licenses to broker, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, and options. He achieved the Fellow of Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI) designation in 2005. Brian applies a “Rational Investing” approach to the market, combining fundamental understanding with high levels of Technical analysis to consistently beat the market. He possess an incredible passion for not only trading the market, but also teaching others.

Julian S., COO & Co-Founder

Julian is an entrepreneur and technical designer. He holds a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering and currently works as an aerospace designer. Julian created The Rational Investor with Brian to help others prosper in the market and pursue his own fascination with trading using technical analysis.

Sjoerd M., CAO

Sjoerd finished his bachelor degree and started working right away in the web development business. He has over six years of professional development experience but started programming at age 14. He currently develops several online products for his employers and advises clients on various levels. In his spare time Sjoerd combines his outstanding knowledge for programming with the passion for algorithmic trading at TRI.